Guide for Authors

Dear Professors and Researchers, The articles submitted to this quarterly must have been compiled in collaboration with one of the faculty members of the universities and in accordance with the following writing guide, otherwise the article will not be reviewed.

1-      Page layout. The article should be typed in Word software version 2007 or higher with B ZAR font size 12, in maximum 25 pages with single line spacing.

2-       Source writing. In-text fonts and footnotes must be in APA format.

Example of in-text source writing: Competitive advantage is the value that a company can offer to customers (Porter, 1968), competitive advantage means the value that a company can offer to customers.

The list of sources at the end of the article should be arranged in alphabetical order, first Persian sources and then foreign sources (no numbering required).

3-      Shapes, diagrams, tables and mathematical relations should each be numbered separately from the beginning to the end.

4- General structure of articles.

-  Front Page:

- Full title of the article (as short and clear as possible)

- Full details of the authors, including name and Family (specifying the responsible author), academic rank, name of the scientific department, name of the faculty / research institute, name of the university / institute, e-mail.

- The second page:

- Titles, abstracts and keywords and full details of the authors in English

- Third page:

Article title and abstract in Persian (maximum 250 words) and keywords (maximum 6 words)

- The fourth page to the end of the article


The main body of the article is numbered in the following order.

1. Introduction

2- Theoretical foundations and research background

 3- Research methodology

4- Research findings

 5- Conclusions and suggestions

In the whole article, Persian writings with B ZAR font and Latin writings with Times New Roman font