Peer Review Process

The process of accepting articles

Overview of the process of review and acceptance of articles:

After sending the article by the respected author or authors, the article will be evaluated within two weeks at most. In case of preliminary approval, the article will be sent to the referees. The referees also have a maximum of one month to do the refereeing, and in case of no refereeing or withdrawal, the article will be sent to another referee. In the next step, if the article is not rejected by the referees, the corrections of the article will be returned to the author. If the corrections are finally approved, the article will be printed.


The detailed process of judging and accepting quarterly articles

1. After the author sends the article to the system, in the first stage, the article will be reviewed by the experts of the publication in terms of compliance with the editing guide (within one week at most). Therefore, in order to speed up the judging process, before submitting the article, carefully read the section of the authors' guide and prepare and submit the article accurately based on the compilation guide available in the system.

2. If accepted in the first stage, the article will be evaluated in the second stage in terms of the quality of the content and the relevance of the topic by the editor, specialized secretary and the scientific committee. This stage usually lasts a week. At this stage, the initial corrections may be announced to the author to improve the quality of the article and to be on the path of judging, so that by applying it and checking and confirming it, he can enter the next stage.

3. After acceptance in the second stage, the article will be sent to two referees. The process of judging articles is as follows:

- If two reviewers reject the paper, the paper will be rejected.
- If one reviewer has a general review and another reviewer rejects the article, the article will be rejected.
- If the opinion of the two referees is for the general revision of the article, the article will be given to the author for revision.
- If the opinion of one referee is approval or partial revision and another referee rejects the article, the article will be sent to the third referee and according to the opinion of the third referee, a decision will be made based on items 1 and 2.                                                                                       - After the author revises and submits the paper based on the referees' comments, the paper will be given to the referees for peer review.
- An e-mail is sent to the referees every five days to remind them, and if the article is not refereed after 20 days, the article will be withdrawn from the referee and given to a new referee. According to the amount of corrections requested and the opinion of the referees and the speed and accuracy of the corrections by the authors, it will take about 4 months to get accepted in this publication (if the final approval of the referees).